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Ms. Marie’s Coffee Blend’s Secret Recipes: Comfort Pastry’s

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Indulge in Sweet Creations with “Ms. Marie’s Coffee Blend’s Secret Recipes: Comfort Pastry’s” – A Delicious Time-Saving Cookbook for Baking Enthusiasts

Johnson Five Publishing is delighted to announce the release of “Ms. Marie’s Coffee Blend’s Secret Recipes: Comfort Pastry’s,” an exquisite baking cookbook that unveils the time-saving secrets of pastry dishes and invites readers into a world of few chosen delectable treats and frappes to enjoy any time of the day and season. Written by coffee blend owner and pastry chef Tammy Marie Johnson, this culinary piece welcomes baking enthusiasts, home cooks, and anyone with a sweet tooth to create while on the move.

“Ms. Marie’s Coffee Blend’s Secret Recipes: Comfort Pastry’s” showcases a tantalizing collection of recipes, ranging from its signature Tarrazu Cookie Crumble Hazelnut Frappe and Zioso Roll to classic twists and inventive creations. With a focus on technique, flavor, and presentation, this cookbook guides readers through the process of empowering them to master and create delicious confections and frappes in their own kitchens without having to source expensive or hard to find ingredients.

From a easy bubbly delicate tasty pandowdy to luscious mango muffins, “Ms. Marie’s Coffee Blend’s Secret Recipes: Comfort Pastry’s” offers a range of recipes to satisfy every dessert lover’s cravings that can be easily converted to gluten free. Each recipe is crafted, providing detailed instructions.

“Being passionate with my coffee and as pastry chef, I wanted to share my love for creativity, the craft and empower others to create beautiful and delicious pastries without having to spend all day in the kitchen, unless they choose to do so. We cannot deny that times have changed. When it comes to my catering business I do create from scratch with our signature coffee bistro butters that is also low in fat and sourced from local farmers but that is not available to the everyday consumer. So I decided to come up with a way to make a few of my recipes accessible and great to the everyday consumer.” said Tammy Marie Johnson. “In ‘Ms. Marie’s Coffee Blend’s Secret Recipes: Comfort Pastry’s,’ I aim to demystify the process, inspire creativity, and bring joy to every reader’s baking journey.”

“Ms. Marie’s Coffee Blend’s Secret Recipes: Comfort Pastry’s” will be available in both print and ebook formats, ensuring accessibility for all baking enthusiasts. ebook orders are now officially available on by visiting Amazon, making it the perfect gift for anyone passionate about the art of pastry. Learn more at

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