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Rupee Beer Premiers New India Pale Ale

BOSTON, Mass.— Putting the ‘I’ back into IPA, Rupee Beer premiers its highly anticipated new India Pale Ale ahead of India’s largest holiday.

There is a common misconception about India Pale Ales better known as an IPAs. Perhaps because ‘India’ is in the name. Surprisingly the IPA wasn’t invented in India, but rather England. With an explosion of IPAs across the craft beer community, why do IPAs mention India, when in reality the bulk of beers consumed in India are more American style pale lagers?

The IPAs of today trace their origin to 19th century British India. Known as the British Raj, the British ruled India for almost 90 years starting in 1858 when the rule of the East India Company was transferred to the Crown of Queen Victoria. During this colonial era in history, English ales were sent to India for the British Indian army and the British citizens living in India to enjoy. During the long six-month voyage by sea, beer would often spoil, thus the the addition of extra hops was added acting as a natural preservative.

With almost every craft brewery these days having a flagship IPA, this style of beer took off with immense popularity across America the last decade. IPAs are hugely flavorful and tend to have higher ABV which may add to their allure. From a juicy New England IPA to bitter west coast IPAs, there is a range of aromos, tasting notes and endless versatility with this style of beer.

As a result of the deep impacts the British Empire had around the world, its time in India surely made crossroads in the world of beer today. As a result of the long voyages to India, the taste of its beers became more hoppy & bitter, much like the popular IPAs of today.

Rupee’s world-renowned master beer brewer from England, cited as one of the most influential players in craft beer having launched over 100+ global beer brands has crafted a British-Indian style IPA with a subtle hop character & smooth finish. Rupee is putting the India back into India Pale Ale with its new IPA Diwali release.

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