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The Best Pizzerias for Franchising in 2023

In the U.S., pizza is a $47 billion industry according to Demand is high and only growing, making pizza franchises an extremely lucrative investment for restaurateurs – especially if they know how to execute the proper strategy. With National Pizza Month upon us, let’s take a look at some amazing franchising opportunities in the pizza industry.

The Best Pizzerias for Franchising in 2023
Happy Joe’s Pizza

Happy Joe’s Pizza – This brand has a unique CEO and President of the company who is also known as the “Chief Happiness Officer.” With 40 total units in the US and Egypt, this 50-year-old brand keeps finding ways to reinvent itself. That’s why it constantly ranks high on lists from Franchise Times, Nation’s Restaurant News and Pizza Marketplace. Happy Joe’s franchisees get to become part of two thriving industries – the fast-casual market and the off-site dining.

“Here at Happy Joe’s, we do everything we can to bring smiles to our guests. Whether that’s creating new pizzas or signing on franchisees, we are truly passionate about finding best ways to serve up both amazing pizza and life-changing business opportunities” Chief Happiness Officer, CEO and President Tom Sacco said. “We’re so thankful for the loyal guests and franchise partners who have helped us grow our brand over the last five decades.”

The Best Pizzerias for Franchising in 2023
Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza – With 70 locations nationwide, Toppers is bringing its unique spin on pizzas to a whole new generation of fans. Founded in 1991, they have quickly become the go-to spot for Gen Z pizza enthusiasts due to their heavy social media presence. The corporate team is expansive and hands-on to help each franchise achieve success.

“We empower our franchisees by capitalizing on our tech stack to create harmonious operations,” said Toppers Pizza CEO Adam Oldenburg. “Customers know they can rely on every pizza being made with love, and our first-class POS and ordering systems mean every pizza is delivered with speed and care. At Toppers, everything we implement in-store ensures happier guests, and ultimately a higher unit revenue for our operators.”

The Best Pizzerias for Franchising in 2023
Newk’s Eatery

Newk’s Eatery – Becoming a Newk’s Eatery franchise is like becoming part the family. The Newk’s team offers comprehensive support, including market analysis, lease negotiation & construction management. Newk’s serves crave-worthy pizzas, topped with the freshest ingredients. Guests can choose from Pepperoni, Supreme, Shrimp, Portabella Veggie, Margherita, Mediterranean, and more.

“The hardest part of becoming a new franchisee is understanding the power of the marketing mix,” Newk’s CMO Denise Pedini said. “That’s why we firmly believe in leveraging our marketing expertise for franchises to be set up for success.”

Each of these franchises has a proven strategy, which is why they continue to expand. While all pizza is not created equal, these three unique brands have a track record for success with their franchisees making them a smart addition to any entrepreneur’s portfolio.

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